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onelifecat is a hobby shop by witchkitty out of boredom and result of being injured out of her non-running-related activity of table tennis!  Since I was a kid, I liked drawing and painting of which I practice a lot when I was in primary and high school days.  I got lazy and did not use it all as soon as I learned to use the computer and got me busy with other stuff.  at one point i was wanting and dreaming of wanting to work as a cartoonist for a paper, or a children’s book illustrator or should i say very ambitiuos that I wanted to work for Pixar or Walt Disney!

Anyway, since I can not run for the past two months and not yet as of the moment, I am using my training time to come up and use what I have and thought of opening a shop about few things that I love, running and design.

– Inspire people on running (and fitness) by sending the message through shirts!
– Be able to give back to the community from the profits by charity

Objectives: Inspire(one) .Love (life).Give (charity).

Logo and banner and brand:  The symbol of Leo in Greek Mythology.  I am born under the star of Leo and my love for cats.  Leos are positive nature, outgoing, happy, kind and generous, will-power, confidence, ambitious which also embodies the mission and objectives of the shop.

The banner just evolved from witchkitty blog as the storename

Pink and black because I love pink and black!! 🙂

Manifesto: 100% Fitness 100% Sweat 100% Life
It is still a starting shop and as we evolve we try to make everything meowningful, ppuuurrrfect and pruurreeety!

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