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Running/Fitness/Humor slogan available for printing!

aquafits, beat the unfit!

aquafits never unfit!

biggest looser no more!

fatness first

run[ology]-science of running

run and the city

my bf is a runner, I love the me time!

My bf is a runner
chasing me was his first training

My BF runs
good work to have chased me

The tortoise beat the hare
So can I!

Fit ‘n Fun


Wicked strong


medal pusher

Strong is the new Skinny !


If your legs are tired, run with your ♥!

I know it is hard,
But at least I try!

Endurance is the new skinny

Running is the new black

Run[nable] – adj. ; description for a running route that is executable.

I’m not slow, I am tapering
I’m not slow, im on recovery run

its not the winning
its not all about the race
but its the guts to run
that matters.


Life is a SHIrT

TRUNsorfmers (Transformers font and design)

(Front)Keep running.
(Back)It hurts a lot less when you finish!

If you can’t win, just don’t be last!

Running is my girlfriend.

Running is my boyfriend

(Front) No time limit…no speed limit…no dream limit.
(Back) Finish lines are just another reminder to stop.

Heart hills
Hills heart you

Running angel

I run these roads!

I run this road!

I think and run like a Kenyan.

Trained and coached by a Kenyan.
Coached and trained by Kenyan

[Nationality] Outside
Kenyan Inside

RACE OFFICIAL: Do not pass.

Try to Pass me and I’ll catch you.

if you win, i bet you a beer.

If you win, i bet you a meal.

I don’t care what place I get as long as I make YOU suffer!

(Front)I like it Long and Slow

(Front)I hate quickies …
I like it long and slow …

(on the front) We do speed and LSD six days a week.
(on the back) We’re not addicted, just hooked.

I’m running this show.

It’s just pain. It goes away.

If you can read this… we are just warming up.

It’s just pain. It goes away.

Quick girls have good times.

Our stockings runs faster than you.

Cross-country runners do it in the bush.

42.125 KMs
24 weeks
2 pairs of shoes
2 lost toenails
BLISS beyond words

Running away from the paparazzis

These roads fears me. I am a runner.

Sydney’s my stomping ground
[place]’s my Stompping ground

I run for fun.

Runners do it for the [carbs!cake!beer!]

100% Natural.
Carb Fueled.

do it alone or with partners
do it with toys (photo of runner with gadgets)
do it with rythm

Life tough? Try running a marathon!
If you still think life is tougher, run the next one faster.

Finish the run.
We wine not whine

How does my behind look like from back there?

How’s my running?
Dial 87-2883 (ur-cute)

How’s my running?
Dial 87-78425(ur-quick)

R u chasing me for my sweet smell?

You know your a runner if
– you say we’re almost half marathon away from Nana
– half of your attire are running clothes
– Put your best foot forward and shake it all about

Why hide if you can run

Did u remember to tape ur nipples? (Back)
“Got Tape?” (taped nipples picture )

Go down to the hardware, buy a bag of concrete, and harden up!’

Go down the Hardware, Buy a bag of concrete, and Harden up!

I’m hardened up by a bag of concrete!

I’m hardened up by a mixer-load of cement!

yea I run like a your momma, just try to keep up

yea I run like your nana, just try to keep up

while you were sleeping
I was out running

I don’t get runner’s high, but there is always option B –> pub

Runner by day, supermum by night

Runner by day, superdad by night

Runner by day, superboyfriend by night

Runner by day, superGF by night

Runner by day, Chef at night

4 shoes = $400
cool shirt = $40
entrance fee = $100
finishing = pricele$$

running for two (preggy)

Mummy’s/daddy’s running buddy
Mummy’s/daddy’s pacer

[Mom’s/dad’s/Uncle/Aunt’s] Coach
[Mom’s/dad’s/Uncle/Aunt’s] Trainer

someday i will run with [dad/mom/uncle/aunt]

Don’t hate me because I’m pretty, hate me because Im ahead of you

Running chook

Your pace or mine?

kick aSbestos

I’m a marathon virgin

I’m a first timer

run like hell and get the pain over it

zero fat, 99% speed

All Natural.
Lean and yummy.

Got orade?

I owe you [beer/wine/kiss] if we finish together

got training?

Got bleeding nipples?

Got no more toenails.

Got black toenails?

[your name] ran a marathon

(front)Want to be fit?
(back) dial 1-800-run

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